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Womens Star Wars C3PO Costume T-Shirt

Want to be one of the droids that they’re looking for? You could find a trash can and try dressing up like R2-D2, but we think a much better solution to your Star Wars dilemma is to wear this C3PO costume shirt. Plus, you can pretend like you know six million forms of communication. Who’s to argue?

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Star Wars C3PO Character Apron

In some cultures, cooking is just one more form of communication and who better to help than a protocol droid who knows over 6 million forms of communication? This Star Wars C3PO Character Apron will have you ready to bake some cookies to show your appreciation to a friend or create a batch of spicy hors d’oeuvres for a special someone. You can even create your tauntaun steak of death to warn potential enemies!

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