Category: Adult Yoda Costumes

I Am Yoda Costume T-Shirt

There’s nothing more amazing than being your favorite character from the Star Wars universe. Take this Yoda costume t-shirt for instance. Everyone, at first, will think it’s just a regular old costume tee with the Jedi Master’s robe printed on the front. But you can REALLY impress all those Star Wars fans who have seen it all when you flip the bottom of the tee up to show Yoda’s face smirking. It’s almost as if he’s thinking, “Got you, I did.”

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Womens I Am Yoda Tank

Don’t fret over not having attire for your next Star Wars themed party – just go in this tank! It makes for an easy costume by itself or with other clever Yoda accessories. It’s also perfect for everyday wear for some fun geeky fashion. Just remember, do or do not, there is no try!

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