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Ezra Bridger 2 Pc. Helmet

In a galaxy far, far away in a massive universe of beloved characters, it must be hard to stand out, but Ezra Bridger does just that! He is the star of the hit Disney XD show, Star Wars Rebels, and is the main protagonist; a boy learning the ways of the force. It’s every kids dream, right? Now the little Star Wars nut in your life can live out his dream of being the next Jedi with our licensed Ezra Bridger helmet. It looks straight out of the show, one of the many Ezra collected on his adventures against the Galactic Empire. It’s the perfect opportunity for your child to get outside and explore a brand new “planet” (in the backyard) or just take part in the odd Earth activity known as Trick or Treating. First Jedi lesson: “Do or do not eat all the candy in one night. There is no try.”

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