Category: R2D2 Costumes

R2D2 Mesh Back Skater Dress

Want to be the droid that everyone is looking for? It’s easy! All you have to do is wear this R2-D2 Mesh Back Skater Dress. Since it’s based on the classic Star Wars character, you’ll have the look of the spunky robot from the movies. Just make sure to bring a Jedi with you on your trips, because Stormtroopers will be stopping you at every space port you enter while wearing this cute dress.

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R2D2 Simple Juniors Sweater

Become the little droid who could always come through in a crisis in this R2D2 Simple Sweater for juniors.

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Infant I am R2D2 Costume T-Shirt

Did you know that there was an actor inside R2-D2 in all the Star Wars movies? His name is Kenny Baker, and he gave R2 his personality. This infant costume tee is a little like that, only they aren’t stuck inside the cylindrical droid and they get to have their head, arms, and legs free to move about. Which is what infants like, or so we hear. Encourage them to roam about the galaxy as they please in this little romper!

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