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Pre Vizsla Jet Pack

If you’re tired of your hum drum life of boring office work and 9-5 monotony, maybe you’d prefer a life of defending Mandalore against the criminals of space? Death Watch has just the job you need to snap you out of your boring life. And here’s a great way to get started. Jet pack. This inflatable Pre Vizsla jet pack is a great way to let everyone know you’re here to save the day against the ruffians of the universe.

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Kids Deluxe Pre Vizsla Costume

During the Clone Wars there was a group of soldiers that were feared by even the Jedi, the Mandalorian Death Watch. These warriors have worked with the likes of Count Dooku and were aided by him in overthrowing the Duchess Satine. But the leader of Death Watch is none other than Pre Vizsla, who is one of the most trained soldiers ever. Now your little Star Wars fan will be ready for battle in this great costume!

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Kids Pre Vizsla Costume

“I am Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla. Death Watch is here to save you from these intergalactic gangsters that threaten our great city. This is a war, and we will win. Join me, and let us defend Mandalore against the criminals. We need action, not pacifism!”Give your child a chance to become the leader of the Mandalorians with this Pre Vizsla costume. He’ll be all set to wage a war against galactic republic this Halloween.

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