Category: Han Solo Costumes

Womens I Am Han Solo Vest T-Shirt

Han Solo’s had a lot of adventures, but the character will never be the same after you become the classic smuggler. We think it’s about time a girl saves the galaxy anyways! This fun tee is perfect for an easy Star Wars costume, but is still cool enough to keep in your everyday wardrobe. It’s downright geek-chic!

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I am Han Solo Juniors Skater Dress

Whether you spend your time at the Mos Eisley Cantina, or at the local mall, it’s always a good idea to let bounty hunters know that you’re a tough bounty to collect! This I am Han Solo Juniors Skater Dress brings you the look of the Star Wars smuggler, which lets shifty characters know that you have no problem shooting first. Just make sure you have the keys to your Millennium Falcon ready for a quick getaway afterwards.

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Star Wars Han Solo Character Apron

Shoot first. That’s Han Solo’s mantra while hanging out in seedy bars on Tatooine. Cook first. That’s his mantra in the kitchen! This Star Wars Han Solo Character Apron lets you channel your inner smuggler while you bake cookies, barbecue or whip up some dinner.

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