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Ewok Pet Costume

Your dog can now help to defeat the Galactic Empire, when you dress him in this cute Ewok Pet Costume. He can look just like one of the fierce, furry natives of the Forest Moon of Endor who helped the Rebellion!

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Child General Grievous Costume

This Kaleesh cyborg is one the most brilliant military minds the Jedi order has ever had to deal with. But not only is this evil villain smart but he is ruthless and lacks mercy to his foes. It is up to Obi-Wan to make sure that this vicious general never harms another soul again. But will the wise Jedi be outmatched? Because this general knows how to wield a lightsaber… or four!

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Toddler Ewok Costume

All the technologically advanced weapons of the Galactic Empire mean nothing when you’re up against a furry little guy like an Ewok. A soft little jumpsuit of Ewok fur, a hood, and the power of nature is all they need to take down an elite army. Their sheer adorable attributes also make Scout Troopers miss them on purpose, giving them the advantage in any battle. Consider that shield generator as good as gone with him on the job.

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